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Julia walked into the classroom where she was she was supposed to her friends Beatriz, Anais, Angie, Rachel and Addie in detention for getting F’s on her test. She walked in and looked around to see if she could find any of her friends in the classroom. She then sat down in the teacher’s desk and took off her converse shoes and relaxed in the comfy chair and let her sock relax on the desk.


One foot under her chair…


Little did Julia know, her friends were mysteriously shrunken to less than inch tall. As soon as they heard Julia walk in, they hoped that she would noticed them by waving their arms but it was unsuccessful. Beatriz nearly got crushed in half by Julia’s converse.


“We have to get her attention.” said Angie.


“No we stay on the floor and hope she doesn’t step on any one of us.” Addie proposed.


“I’m staying with Addie.” Beatriz answered.


“As am I.” Rachel said.


“So be it, me and Anais will climb her and if we do get to her ear, we’ll tell her not to move her feet anymore.”


“Good and don’t be squished.”


“You too.”


Julia was still unaware that her tiny friend’s were at her mercy. Julia herself was a very dim witted girl who was obvious and would ask about anything that she would find confusing.


On the floor Addie and Anais began to climb Julia’s socked feet. They began to climb her smooth legs and kind of tickled her.


“This room must be full of ants and their climbing me legs!”


She then smacked where Addie and Anais were. The three on the floor could only watch as her friend crushed Addie and Anais.


“We have to do something; we can’t just let them die!”  Rachel shouted.

Beatriz then looked around ran to Julia’s socked foot and the other two flowed.


“We’re going to tickle her.”


“That’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard!”


“You got a better idea Angie? On three. One, two, three!”


Julia then kicked her leg around and then the two tiny humans fell from her pant leg and the three ran over to get them and hid under the desk.


“Ok, we’re never doing that again.” Anais said.


“Now what? What till she leaves and then spend the entire night under this desk till the teacher arrives and hope she doesn’t kill us?” Addie said.


“I don’t know. We need to get her attention. I’ll check outside if she’s calmed down from our incident.”


Beatriz then walked outside and looked up to see Julia eating some popcorn like she always has been. She dropped a piece of popcorn and it landed in front of Beatriz. Beatriz looked up and saw Julia’s hand reaching down for the piece. In a split second, Beatriz was picked up by Julia.


The other four couldn’t help Beatriz this time. She was going to be eaten by Julia unaware of the terror she was causing on the floor.


“We have to help her. We can’t just let her get eaten!” Rachel shouted.


“If we tickle her again, Julia will drop Beatriz on to the floor getting her killed or breaking every bone in her body and where are we going to get help for her?” Angie said back to her.


Beatriz shielded her face to what was awaiting her in Julia’s mouth. Julia opened her mouth and salvia came rushing on to Beatriz’s face. She tried to get as close to the center of the popcorn as possible but that didn’t help. Julia threw the popcorn in her mouth and swallowed it whole. She clenched her throat but got her food down.


As Beatriz was in Julia’s throat, she could feel 


“Damn, I swear that piece was tougher and juicer that the other pieces.”


“Rachel fainted and the others dragged her further back to the desk. When she woke up, only Angie Anais  were in front of her.


“What happened to Addie?”


“She got crushed trying to get  a piece of popcorn to feed us but Julia noticed her and crushed her as soon as she spotted her. It’s just us now.” Anais said to her.


2 minutes later…


“Look, another piece of popcorn! Maybe I can get it and we can eat.” Addie said.


“You remember what happened to Beatriz, she ATE her alive.” Anais said back to her.


“Look at her feet. She’s removing her socks. If you want to get that piece, use that as cover so she won’t see you.”


“OK. I’ll go on three.”


She whispers to herself.


“One, two, three!”


Addie ran to Julia’s white socks which she found repulsive. She was the only one that didn’t have a foot fetish and the other three loved feet and would go amazing lengths just to get feet in their mouth or vice versa .


“I don’t know how you three can handle this odor let alone worship it.”


Addie ran to the popcorn piece but was spotted by Julia’s unaware feet. She rubbed her feet on the carpet with Addie mere feet from her toes that could easily crush her with one single step. Just then Julia spotted Addie going for the piece of popcorn she dropped.


“Gross! A bug!”


Julia raised her foot and slowly. Addie tried to run back under the desk but Julia’s foot shadow shrouded her. There was no escape for her this time. Julia then began to slowly bring her foot down. Addie could hear her laughing as she teased at what she thought was a bug but was really her friend.


“Julia, please hear me! It’s me Addie, your friend! Don’t kill me!”


“Who was that? I swear I heard something. Must be hearing things.”


As Julia lowered her foot on Addie, Anais and Rachel could only watch as the giantess crushed her and popping her like a pimple. Blood and gut were all over Julia’s toes and she didn’t even notice but she did pick her foot up and examined her kill. She saw red blood stains on her toes but thought nothing of it and put her foot back on the ground creating a shock-wave to the little hideout under the desk. This shock-wave was the thing that woke up Angie moments ago.


“We have to get out of here or we’ll end up like Addie and Beatriz. We have to have a distraction to make our escape and get help because Julia’s not going to help us anytime soon.” Anais said to the duo.


“I say we stay here until Julia leaves and we walk to Beatriz’s cell phone outside. Wait a second, Beatriz’s cell phone. She dropped it when we got shrunk! We can call Julia to get us and get help.” Rachel realized.


“I have an idea how to get to it but I’ll to risk my life to distract Julia.” Angie said.


Anais then shook her head and got in position to grab the phone and Rachel got behind her. Angie hid behind a leg of the desk and waited for Anais’s signal. She was just about to run when Anais started to run.


“Guess that was the signal.”


Angie ran to Julia’s toes and started to punch them. Julia then looked down and saw Angie. She picked her up and brought her to her face. Julia then got a closer look at the speck and realized it was her friend.


“Angie, where are the others?”


“Beatriz you ate and Addie you crushed a few minutes ago.”


Julia looked devastated as she ate and crushed her two friends.


“What about Anais and Rachel? Where are they?”


“Grabbing Beatriz’s phone in front of the desk.”


Julia then put Angie on her shoulder and carried her off to the front of the desk. When the two saw the massive Julia, they started to run. Julia then caught them and they thought was going to eat them and they prepared for the end of their lives.


“Why are you two in the fettle position? I’m not going to kill you two. I’m here to help.”


“I explained to her everything.”


Julia then looked around the classroom that shrunk the group. She then found the only thing in the room that would shrink them, Beatriz’s phone. Angie then had an idea. She jumped down to the desk and tied string around her.


Pick me up Julia and eat me but do not let go of the string, I rather not end my life in your stomach.”


“What’s your plan?” Anais said.


“I’m hoping that Beatriz isn’t dead in your stomach and I can pull her out and she can explain to us why she shrunk us.” Angie responded.


Julia then picked up Angie and put her on her soft and gentle tongue and she walked to the back of the throat. She jumped down but was stopped by Julia’s muscles to prevent her from entering her throat. Julia swallowed Angie. She could feel Julia’s heart and lungs beat and contract as she passed her chest.


“OK, I feel her stomach. Let’s see if Beatriz is still alive or just a skeleton in Julia’s stomach.”


Angie entered her stomach with a splash and looked around for any sign of Beatriz. It was pitch dark in her stomach but the only thing glowing was the acid and then she saw something. She ran over to it and it was Beatriz.


“Who are you?”


“Angie. I’m here to get you out of here.”


“How? You’re in Julia’s stomach. There’s no way out.”


“I have a string to her mouth and the others can pull us out before we dissolve.”


Angie then grabbed her and pulled the string. They lifted her back up and Julia had to run to the the trash can and puked up the two.


Beatriz was knocked out and Julia then picked them both up and brought them to the desk and Angie was the first to get up and she looked at the cell phone and pressed a button and there was a enormous flash of light and when the light disappeared, everyone was back to their normal sizes including Beatriz who was still unconscious the desk.


Five minutes later, Beatriz then woke up with everyone starring at her with curiosity as to why she shrunk them and got Addie killed.


“You want to explain why you shrunk us and got Addie stepped on by me and you getting eaten which I still don’t know how you survived so long in my stomach.” Julia shouted at her.


“It was simple, I just wanted to be shrunk and by tortured by Julia, Anais, Rachel, Angie and Addie but I set the radius to high and it shrunk everyone in the radius of ten feet. The only reason I survived in Julia’s stomach for so long is because I set it to resist acid and didn’t think that anyone else would get shrunk so I didn’t set it to be crush resistant.” Beatriz pleaded.


“Can you reverse anything you did to Addie?” Julia asked.


“Maybe I can. Let me see my phone. Reverse polarity to the crush resistant and take a DNA sample and we should have Addie back to normal up until she got crushed by Julia.”


There was a bright light and smoke all of a sudden and everyone was blinded. When the group regained their eyesight back, they saw Addie in the flesh and at her normal size.


“Last thing I remember is that Julia was crushing me and slowly by the way.”


“Sorry about that, I thought you were a bug. But thanks to Angie, Beatriz reversed the effect of the shrinking possess and me crushing you.”


“How did Beatriz know how to reverse the effects?” Addie was getting aggressive towards Beatriz until Anais stepped in.


“She found the thing that shrunk us and somehow she brought you back to life. Simple as that.” Anais covered for Beatriz.


“Really? OK, can we leave this place and get some food, I’m starving.” Addie stated.


“I’m driving.” Angie said as she walked out the door with Addie and Julia but Beatriz, Anais and Rachel stayed behind.


“Thanks for covering for me. One more minute and she would have killed me.”


“You still owe us a favor.” Rachel said.


“Fine, what do you want?”


“We want you to be our little foot slave for one day shrunk to, what do you say Rachel, One inch tall?”


“One inch seems fine. Be at my house at Tuesday and bring your phone to shrink yourself. Do we have a deal? No deal and we can just tell Addie that you got her killed and we can give her your phone and she can just have you as her slave for the remainder of your live and you know firsthand how bad  her feet smell.”


“Fine, I’ll be there, a full twenty four hour period of just you two dominating me shrunk to an inch tall.”


Beatriz and Anais then shook hands and they walked to Angie’s car and got in.




This is a reupload because for the next one in the series when I deleted the first few lines thinking "I won't make a difference to the acutal submission." Boy was I wrong. So enjoy my failure, somewhat.
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