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Tali sat in Javik's part of the Normandy, where she waited for Liara who she invited to talk about Rannoch that had been taken from the geth few days ago. Tali sat on the steel floor when Liara came into the room.

"Hello Liara. I'm sorry about Thessia. I had a few asari friends on there."
Liara looked at the floor up until Tali poked her in the head. She looked and saw Tali giving her something. It was in a box with bows and ribbons.

"The last time we were at the Citadel, I bought this to make you feel better. It's supposed to give humans and asari extended durations of biotics." Tali said as she held the present in front of Liara.

"Thank you Tali." Liara said as she ate the pill.

Moments later, Liara began to shrink then she blacked out. What seemed like hours to Liara, she finally woke up in Jack's old basement. She looked down and saw she was naked!
She looked up and saw a suit less Tali with an N7 shirt on instead.

"Hello Liara, I see you're awake." Tali said as she put her 3 fingered hands on Liara.

"What did you do to me? And how are you out of your suit?" Liara said as she pointed at Tali.

"I had Adams suck out all the CO2 and other gases that could harm me and that pill you ate, it was a shrinking pill I bought off a vorcha on Omega last year." Tali said as she picked up Liara and sat up.

"You think Shepherd loves you, you're surely mistaken. He loves me and only me." Tali said as took off her boots and put them aside.
Liara tied using her biotics to at least stun the quarian but nothing happened.

"I disabled your biotics so you could not hurt me." Tali said as she put Liara in front of her mouth.

Liara was so close to Tali's mouth, she could feel her warm breath going around her whole body.

Tali opened her mouth wide and she placed her on her tongue. Liara always thought that quarians had a tongue like asari did but she found out she was wrong the hard way.
Tali's salvia was like humans but was a lot stickier. Liara was getting soaked in the stuff. After a few seconds of being in Tali's mouth, Liara was suffocating.  
Tali pulled Liara out of her mouth with her salvia dripping from Liara.

"What the hell is wrong with, Tali?!" Liara yelled at Tali while Tali's salvia was in Laria's mouth so it kind of came out gargled.

"Do you want to be punished?" Tali asked ask Liara covered her ears because Tali was so big, her voice was amplified.

Tali grabbed her boots and dropped Liara into there. They still stunk from Tali wearing them all the time and running in the Normandy's private gym. Liara walked to the boot entrance and saw Tali's 3 toed feet coming into the boot.

"You feel so good under my soles, Liara." Tali said as she wiggled her toes to move Liara who was in a living hell.

Every time Liara would breathe, she would breathe in Tali's foot odor and a lot of sweat. She started to panic as she was held in the boot longer and longer.
After a few minutes, Tali removed her boot and shook Liara out. "Have fun in my boot, meal?" Tali said as she licked her purple lips.

With her will almost broken, Liara just let Tali decide what she would do to her next. Put her in her pussy (If she had one), Boob or even her ass.
Tali again, opened her mouth wide with her salvia dripping down her shiny white teeth. Her tongue was dripping with her slimy and sticky salvia as well but even more.

"Prepare for a painful and fun ride, Liara." Tali said as she was dropped into Tali's awaiting mouth.

Liara slid into Tali's mouth and down Tali's esophagus and down her stomach.
Tali moaned in pleasure as Liara gained back her will and started pounding on the walls of her stomach. To Tali, it was a dream come true.

The End
My vore story with Tali eating Liara. It was really fun making this story. I love mass effect so I will be doing this as long as I can. YAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Tali and Liara belong to Bioware and EA (EA is evil) But mostly to Bioware
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